Lobster Rolls


Original Maine Style

Chilled lobster meat with just a touch of mayo and subtle spices.


Warm lobster meat tossed in melted butter.

The Cajun

Chilled lobster meat with Cajun mayo and spices.


Chilled lobster meat tossed with truffle aioli, celery, carrots and onions on a bed of arugula.

More Lobster

The Lobsicle

A lobster tail on a stick. Original Grilled or Batter Fried.

Lobster Tacos

Two corn tortillas stuffed with Maine lobster and shredded cabbage, seasoned with lime, cilantro & avocado-sriracha aioli.

Lobster Mac & Cheese

Warm & creamy cheddar sauce blended with chunks of sweet Maine lobster & shells.

Lobster & Chips

Deep-fried chunks of Maine lobster served with Salt & Vinegar Fries.

Lobster Grilled Cheese

Melted brie and gruyere cheese layered with Maine lobster on white bread, grilled to perfection.

Lobster Poutine

Crisp fries covered with lobster bisque, cheese curds & poached lobster meat.

Lobster Salad

Served on arugula and romaine lettuce with cucumbers, red onions and cherry tomatoes.

Lobster Sliders

Chilled lobster meat tossed with celery, carrots and onions on a bed of arugula. Served on a toasted King’s Hawaiian sweet roll. Served with house-made chips.

Beyond Lobster

Fish & Chips

Tender beer-battered cod fillets, deep fried to a golden brown. Served with tartar sauce and salt and vinegar fries.

Fish Tacos

Two corn tortillas stuffed with deep-fried cod seasoned with fresh lime, cilantro and avocado-sriracha aioli.

Shrimp Tacos

Two corn tortillas stuffed with gulf shrimp seasoned with fresh lime, cilantro and avocado-sriracha aioli.

Shrimp Sliders

Chilled shrimp tossed with celery, carrots and onions on a bed of arugula. Served on a toasted King’s Hawaiian sweet roll. Served with house-made chips.

Salt & Vinegar Fries

Chowder Fries

Salt & Vinegar Fries smothered in Clam Chowder, cheese sauce & bacon.


Lobster Bisque

Rich and creamy, made with sweet butter and lobster base.

Clam Chowder

Chock-full of clams and potatoes, simmered with bacon in a cream base.

Kids Menu

Hot Dog

Mac & Cheese

Grilled Cheese




Iced Tea

Fountain Soda

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Las Vegas Planet Hollywood

Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

3663 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Suite 435
Las Vegas, NV 89101

702-LOBSTER (702-562-7837)

Las Vegas

Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian

3377 South Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV 89109



Westfield Montgomery

7101 Democracy Boulevard
Space FC-17
Bethesda, MD 20817


LobsterME Food Truck

Las Vegas, Nevada

Look for our truck at events throughout Las Vegas!

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yelp-iconThe love of lobster is real.
Read our Yelp reviews to get a taste.

Be still my beating heart!! Lobster rolls in the MALL?!? How could this be?! Yes to both of those and also shrimp rolls…something called clam chowder fries (maybe next time), lobster salad, shrimp tacos, sliders, grilled cheese, chowder and a lobstersicle (I didn’t find out what exactly that was either). Point is, the menu is adventurous and tasty looking.

For the food I chose the original Maine lobster roll and it was DELICIOUS. Lots of lobster meat for the price ($17 – but who cares?! I’ve paid $18 at the lobster food truck that’s all over DC and up to $25 or market price at a restaurant so no surprise on the price). Bottom line, lobster rolls are expensive, if you want it to be less expensive then make it yourself (which I often do LOL). The meat was perfectly cooked…not dry at all and not a lot of mayo. The chips on the side tasted homemade too. The bun was toasted and buttered and you get a little side of coleslaw with your order.

Now for the service…the place has a very lively happening atmosphere. The young man who helped me was very polite and courteous (he even asked me to make sure and rate the place on yelp LOL) everything looked clean and presentable and it was actually crowded when I was there on a Friday at nearly 3pm so that’s a good sign!)

All in all, great place I’ll be back!

–Lianne F.

I drove 3 hrs to Lobster MW to get the famous Original Lobster Roll. I’ve been waiting for this moment. The manager Steve and his staff are truly friendly and provide fast service.

–Draya B.

Awesome lobster rolls. Their lobster mac and cheese is my favorite. The perfect comfort food for any day. If you’re going to eat a lobster roll, you can’t go wrong with the Maine, add a side of fries and your day is set!

–Ashley A.

Every time my friends and I see this place we have to stop and get something even if we had it earlier.   It is that good, if you are a seafood lover.

It’s all about their Maine roll with a toasted bun, YUM!!!

I wasn’t really into lobster until this place. Hands down, a must in Vegas!All in all, great place I’ll be back!

–Roxana N.

 Lobster on a stick!?!?! Seriously all of my dreams have officially come true.

Great chunk of lobster grilled to perfection with butter on a stick. I cannot say anything more other than you should go try one immediately.

–Rohita L.

Well, I ate here 4 times in 3 days, so I can’t in good conscience give anything but 5 stars. I got the Connecticut roll every time…soaked in butter and completely satisfying. Got the fries one night as well, which were fantastic.

–Justin C.

The Lobster roll was fresh and oh so buttery. It was oozing with chopped up lobster meat, just stuffed. The chips were good. I dont eat cold slaw, so no review on that. Best kept secret in Vegas. This dish was amazing.

–Beneta P.

 This is my favorite place for an awesome lobster sandwich!! I’ve had lobster sandwiches in many different places but nowhere compares. The sandwich is perfectly grilled with butter and filled with large chunks of lobster. I typically like the sauces on the side so I can control the amount I like, usually on the lighter side.
This is a MUST stop every time I’m in Vegas!!

–Thuy H.

Whomever thought up the Lobsicle should be given an award for best use of a lobster tail ever. Fried lobster tail on a stick. Awesome. The lobster was tender, the breading was crispy but not over done. It was served with a lemon wedge and a small container of melted butter. Simply amazing.

–Gregg R.

Our Story

Lobster ME was founded with the goal of changing how people think about lobster.

We set out to create an innovative and fresh dining experience with Maine lobster as the main attraction. We’re inspired by Maine’s deep heritage of lobster fishing and authentic commitment to good, honest, delicious food. Our chef-inspired lobster-centric menu might typically be reserved for a white tablecloth restaurant but our approach is affordable and accessible…without the pretense.

We apply our own unique culinary interpretations to the traditional lobster roll and then go beyond the lobster norms with an unmatched collection of new creations. Starting with sustainably sourced lobsters hand caught by Maine lobstermen, we’ve created a menu of distinctive, handcrafted dishes designed to appeal to everyone’s sense of adventure.

And we do it all for the love of lobster.

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